Hi. I'm Brita. I am a stylist and event designer. I started this blog in 2009 to record all the things I like to look at. The title is an homage to a favorite chubby board book I had as a kid. Email me about the things you like to look at.






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Earth Day: crystal cave

When I first saw these pictures I thought it was a trick of the eye or photoshop. The scale of the crystals is so absurd it seems like some fake underground fortress that you would find on an episode of Jem (or insert equal 80s reference here) But its is a real life chamber that was found 950 feet underground and considered is Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales. A natural wonder! Learn more here.


Earth Day: moss

Happy Earth Day! I love these moss art/ graffiti pieces that are placed in city settings by Edina Tokodi. They are mostly around Williamsburg, I wish I had spotted some of these in person! More here.

So, what are you doing in honor of Earth Day?